Call for Abstracts

VALBEC 2020 – All Comers Welcome

What was intended for the conference in May needs some adjusting for the conference in December. What an incredible time we’re having! And it may well stay incredible well into the new year. By then we’ll be seasoned explorers of virtual pedagogy, and experts in engaging tired and stressed students.

The conference retains its title but now the methodologies and pedagogy available to practitioners has changed. There has been a shift in how practitioners’ ‘position’ themselves in the process of enabling students to learn. Unable to guide and respond to student feedback in ‘real time’, practitioners have had to adopt different roles – guides, mentors, online course designers… – and elicit student responses to show their learning, their questions and to keep them safe.

We invite you to consider these two propositions:

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Teachers as life-long learners.

Submitting an abstract

The Call for papers closes November 2nd – extended to November 9

Your presentation may be

  • Pre-recorded or live
  • Power point with audio presentation
  • Panel discussion
  • Live presentation

All presentation types will have

  • Chat available during the presentation
  • A facilitator will be present to help respond and manage the chat

You may like to do a pre-recorded presentation and be in the chat room while your presentation runs so you can answer questions as they arise

Presenters will

  • Receive technical support to assist with recording your presentation
  • Need to select the best application to use for their presentation
  • Pre-record their presentations as insurance against technical issues on Dec 2nd